Guess Which D-Lister Got Completely Naked In The Name Of ‘Feminism’

Full disclosure: I love Courtney Stodden.

While the average Joe may not know who this bowel movement of a “celebrity” is, Courtney Stodden became famous at the age of 16 after her mother gave her permission to marry Doug Hutchison. Who is Doug Hutchison, you ask? Well, if you’ve seen The Green Mile, he’s that shitbird prison guard who acts like a toddler who was just taken off his ADHD medication:

So yes, while Doug is technically famous his wife is more…what would you call it…

Oh right – an attention whore.

But that’s just all the more reason I love Courtney. Girl doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about her, nor does she have any shame whatsoever. I mean come on, she made a sex tape of herself. No, not with Doug. No, not with any other human being – with herself. This girl literally filmed her own solo sex tape and then sold it for money. The video is mostly her sticking foreign objects into wet holes and…whatever this is:

Call her what you want, but Courtney’s a goddamn self-promotion genius when it comes to promoting someone with no talent, no brains and no real future outside of seductively eating ice cream…aka herself.

Which brings us to Courtney’s latest grab at fame: posing naked on Instagram and throwing the word “feminism” into the description just to get her name into the tabloids.

Feminism to me means that a women should celebrate every part of her — her mind, heart, soul, and body. We are all beautiful in our own special way. I live my life by allowing myself to feel empowered by every part of my being — body included. Don’t let anyone demonize your flesh. Your sexuality. Your heart. Or your soul. Women, let’s stand in unity! It’s 2017… we rock! 

Okay girl, that’s all fine and dandy, but your entire Instagram…

…is mostly all about yourself…

…being in various stages of undress.

With that being said, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Courtney’s more interested in growing her Instagram following over fighting for women’s issues. But what do I know? This is the same girl who found it necessary to take a picture of herself peeing in a urinal and put it on Instagram:

For all I know she just drowned the entire patriarchy with her lady-pee.

What do you think of Courtney — attention whore or feminist goddess? Let us know in the comments!


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