Guy Accidentally Invited Every Girl He Met On Tinder Into A Nightmare Group Chat

Online dating is the more casual way to pick up women but what if all of those women you ever spoke to online and eventually exchanged numbers were able to talk to each other and share stories about their dates with you. Sounds like a fucking nightmare, right? Unfortunately for one guy who was simply trying to DELETE those numbers from his phone, having completely moved on, accidentally added all of those numbers into a damn group chat, allowing all of the women to communicate with each other including himself. 256 women to be exact. Ohhhh shit.

Of course when you see you’ve been invited to a text group with over 200 people, it grabs your attention. Unfortunately for the guy, the ladies quickly figured out who was in the group chat after seeing who sent the invite. Gerry Kitching, the poor son of a bitch who set himself up admitted that he was trying to delete the numbers but accidentally created a group chat shitstorm from women he met through Tinder, Plenty of Fish and

Unfortunately for us, he only shared just a few images from the group chat but that’s to be expected. I’m sure these women really had a helluva time once they started sharing stories about their dates with Gerry…which they apparently did.

Here’s the thing though, sure these 256 women can call this guy a dog and really stick it to him but let’s be honest. These women have gone on as many dates as this guy, if not more. Most women could throw a rock and find a guy ready to go on a date with them…dudes? Not so much. Second, if women didn’t make it so fucking awful to approach them in public, maybe he wouldn’t have to turn to online dating to find someone worth spending time with. So, in short, ladies, if you hate the fact that dudes go on as many online dates as they can, you have no one but yourselves to blame. 

As for Gerry, keep keepin’ on man. Just remember to wear a rubber.


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