Guy Catches Wife In Bed With Another Guy And Broadcasts It On Facebook Live

When in doubt, Facebook is always a good source for drama. Whether it’s a white trash classmate from high school complaining that his baby momma won’t let him smoke cigs around their newborn kid or your grandma accidentally posting a topless photo on her timeline…

…when your drama llama needs feeding, Facebook generally has at least a few tons of hay laying around.

Today’s story, however, isn’t about a dumb status update or a string of comments on a political post that eventually devolves into people using the terms “republitards” and “leftists;” nah, this time we have VIDEO. Wahoo, right? Facebook thinks our lives are all potentially just SO exciting that they added the Facebook Live feature, which lets you stream directly to Facebook from your phone. I spend most of my time in the gym, kicking rocks or putting stupid colors in my hair, so clearly this function was not made for me. But one guy named Ernest, however, put Facebook Live to good use when he caught his wife in bed with another guy:

Sucks for Ernest, but at least he got to put her on blast for everyone to see. He may have wanted to bash the guy’s brains in and kick his woman to the curb, but that’s a surefire way to get yourself arrested – nah, the better route is to make sure everyone knows what a cheating POS his wife is, thereby alienating her from most of her friends and even some of her family. FUN!

And as a last “Fuck you” to his now-ex, Ernest titled the video “Keep your cool when you catch your bitch cheating” – wise words, Ernest. Wise words.


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