Guy Flew To China, Spent 10 Days In Airport Waiting For Internet Girlfriend

I am not sure if I feel sorry for this would be ladies’ man, or am simply terrified. 42 year-old Alexander Pieter Cirk, from Holland tried finding love the old fashioned way: by meeting a Chinese woman online and flying halfway around the world to meet her in person.

Only there seems to have been a slight miscommunication. When the Dutchman arrived at the Huanghua International Airport in Changsha, Hunan province, the attractive young 26 year old woman named Zhang he expected to greet him was nowhere to be found. So he did the logical thing and spent ten nights sleeping at the airport waiting for his love to come fetch him.

Someone get President Trump on this: The Chinese are beating us at Catfishing!

Cirk refused to leave the airport and set up shop, patiently waiting with his luggage. However after several days of sitting in the airport the lovelorn man’s health began to deteriorate. Cirk suffers from diabetes, and I’m guessing ten days of Cinnabon at a Chinese airport wasn’t helping his blood sugar.  

Lack of sleep, decent food and sitting in an airport chair for such a long time caused Cirk to pass out. Emergency services were called and he was hauled off to the hospital in a wheelchair.

Now I know what you are thinking, this poor bastard flew all the way from Amsterdam to China and got himself Catfished hard.  However don’t worry! There is a perfectly reasonable explanation. Zhang says that the only communication Cirk gave her to indicate he was flying to China was a photo of some airplane tickets. She didn’t think he was really going to fly 5,400 miles to meet her. That’s his bad. They never actually spoke about his trip!

Pro Tip: Get the AOL Instant Messenger screen name of those nurses!

In addition when he arrived Zhang was out of town, having plastic surgery treatment on her face…. So her phone was turned off for those ten days.  That’s her bad! She might look a little different I’m guessing. Also she says it is “inconvenient” for her to return to Changsha to see him in the hospital. Makes sense to me: she is going to want the plastic surgery to heal so she looks her absolute best when she meets her online boyfriend for the first time in person. She spent two hours on the phone with Cirk as he was treated in the Chinese hospital clearing things up.

Which brings us to our Break poll!

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