Guy Gets Caught With His Side Chick On TV At The Houston Rockets Game

Rule number one of having a side chick: don’t take her anywhere in public where you could get caught. I’m talking the mall, Starbucks, Christmas dinner when your mom invited your actual girlfriend and you invited your side chick because you’re a moron — all bad choices. At least with spots like those there’s no video evidence to prove you’re cheating, unlike sporting events where chances are pretty fair that you’ll at least get included in a panning shot of the crowd.

Enter: this “couple” at the Houston Rockets game who made it more than obvious that they weren’t supposed to be there together.


If they were smart, they would’ve just kept walking past the camera like nothing was up because, let’s be real — what are the chances that dude’s girl is even watching the game? Or that even if she WAS a giant Rockets fan, who says she even would’ve noticed two regular looking people walking through the frame? The worst thing these two could’ve done was act like they didn’t belong with each other, because if they’d played it off all cool…

…they wouldn’t be looking at over 6,000 combined re-tweets and shares, plus getting their shame embedded in every blog in the country.

Oh well, you live and you learn. Hopefully his next girlfriend likes sports.




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