Guy Receives Brutal Text From His Date Who Just Left To Use The Bathroom

If you’ve spent any decent amount of your life dating women, you know it’s just awful. Sometimes we wonder why we even do it. Well, we know why we do it, but dear God if only we could shut that part of our brains off. Add online dating instead of your more conventional methods of picking up women and well you may as well chop your dong off and throw it in the river because, in the end, that’s just better time spent.

This dude’s experience in particular is especially brutal because the tables are flipped. We hear how men are forced to make women take extreme measures to look “beautiful”. Only in THIS experience, the guy apparently wasn’t up to the girl’s standards of beauty. So what did she do? Did she greet him at her door and say it’s a no-go, saving the guy time and money? Nope.

Even though they went to the theater to see Rogue One, spent a decent amount of time at the concession stand and sitting in their seats waiting for the film to start, his date decided to tell him how she really felt from the comfort…of the public restroom.

That’s some stone cold shit right there. The worst part is before they went and saw the movie, she smoked his weed and then asked to go see Rogue One. That’s right, smoked HIS weed.

You see ladies, we know you get primped and ready every time you go to the grocery store but just because we’re wearing jeans and sneakers and haven’t shaved in a few days doesn’t mean we don’t get hate for our looks too. What do you want from us?!

At least this guy got to see Rogue One without having to explain the plot the whole time. Burn!

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