Guy Who Looks JUST LIKE Ryan Seacrest Busted for Meth

Ryan Seacrest

That Dude’s Mug Shot

Looks Just Like Me!!!

9/22/2017 7:13 AM PDT


THIIIIIISSSS … is “American Idol” meets “Cops.”

The person in this mug shot is NOT Ryan Seacrest … but, c’mon, the resemblance is uncanny!!!

One of our eagle-eyed users was perusing the booking photos when she found this guy — who looks strikingly similar to Seacrest.

In fact, they’re both the same age (42) and height (5’8″).

Unfortunately for this dude, cops say he was recently busted on a meth charge — so that sucks. Hopefully, he can get his life together.

But if Seacrest ever wants to call in sick … hey, we got your stand-in!!

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