Halloween 4K Blu-Ray Release Date & Best Buy Steelbook Revealed

Best Buy has announced that their exclusive Halloween Blu-ray Steelbook goes on sale January 19th, 2019. The horror film is still killing it at the box office, spending its first two weeks at number one, and might even be a contender for a third consecutive weekend. Blumhouse’s direct sequel to John Carpenter’s original classic has earned $185.3 million globally since its debut three weeks ago and it shows no signs of slowing down at this time. Halloween is now the highest grossing film in franchise history, destroying the rest of the installments by deciding to pretend like they never happened.

It’s important to note that Blumhouse has yet to officially confirm that the Halloween Blu-ray will hit shelves in January. However, Best Buy has a pretty good track record with their release dates, and already has their exclusive Steelbook up for pre-order for $32.99. There is an image of the cover and the back, but art is more than likely a place keeper until the official artwork is unveiled. With that being said, the retailer usually doesn’t have artwork up this early, which means that there’s a chance that this could be the finished look. Michael Myers can be seen with his knife getting ready to stab on the cover, while the back features a jack-o-lantern. The inside has a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis taking aim with her gun.

Since Halloween has been such a big hit at the box office, a sequel is pretty much guaranteed at this point. As for returning, Jamie Lee Curtis says that she will gladly come back if David Gordon Green returns to direct. The actress, who starred in John Carpenter’s 1978 original, says that Green did a “beautiful job,” and notes that she would do it if the director called her and requested her presence. Green’s work on the film has been a hot topic of debate amongst horror fanatics, with some fans loving what the director did and others on the complete other side of the spectrum.

It was reported in early October that Blumhouse was already planning a Halloween sequel, well before the new movie hit theaters. Sources close to the studio claim that the studio is looking to move forward without David Gordon Green and Danny McBride. That report has yet to be confirmed, and it seems highly unlikely at this time since Green and McBride were the ones to deliver the successful direct sequel. Additionally, both Green and McBride have said that they already have ideas for a sequel.

Danny McBride and David Gordon Green originally had the idea to make two Halloween films back-to-back, but later decided against the idea when thinking of the immense pressure of delivering one satisfying film to the fiercely protective franchise fans. Whatever ends up happening with Green, McBride, and Blumhouse, they at least have one success on their hands. You can currently pre-order the Halloween Blu-ray Steelbook over at Best Buy.

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