Han Says Hi: The Hidden Messages You Missed in Last Jedi

When the Resistance T-Wing bombers approached the First Order’s massive Dreadnought during the breathtaking opening of The Last Jedi, there were some pretty interesting Easter Eggs that most of us missed. Again, The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary is here to help us figure out what flew by undetected in the 150-minute movie, and even point out background information that was never shown on screen in the first place. For instance, a lot of information is available about Snoke in the Visual Dictionary that wasn’t explained in the sequel, and these new Easter Eggs that involve the T-Wing bombers fit into that category as well. We’ll have to wait for the Blu-ray release for some freeze framing to tell for sure.

As it turns out, the Resistance had time on their hands to scrawl messages on their bombs, before they were loaded up on to the T-Wing bombers. The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary has a few close-up pictures of the magna bombs, and they have messages written in Aurebesh, aka, the Star Wars alphabet, and one of them says, “Hi Snoke,” while more importantly the next magna bomb says, “Han Says Hi.” The Resistance was getting some sneaky revenge for Han Solo’s death at the hands of Kylo Ren during the final moments of The Force Awakens.

Han Solo quietly looms over The Last Jedi and these magna bombs are just another subtle reminder of the legend. Throughout the movie, Solo’s spirit runs through, from just the plain sight of the Millennium Falcon to Luke Skywalker handing over the dice to Leia; his memory lingers on, but Rian Johnson doesn’t beat you over the head with it. In terms of referencing the character, these bombs are just a tiny tribute to the character that would’ve gone unnoticed if it weren’t for The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary.

There are many Easter Eggs tucked away in The Last Jedi that are only beginning to come to light. Many saw the ironing board scene in the movie as some comic relief, but Rian Johnson has confirmed that iron is actually a nod to the 1978 Star Wars parody, Hardware Wars. Elsewhere, Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary was turned into an alien pet in the Canto Bight scene and Mark Hamill secretly played the drunken leprechaun Dobbu Scay, who was seen filling BB-8 up with gold coins. The messages on the magna bombs are just the newest Easter Eggs to surface and there are a lot more left to be discovered.

The Resistance T-Wing bombers were a dark opening to The Last Jedi, so it’s nice to see that there was some very subtle comic relief thrown in while the movie was being made. As previously noted, we’ll have to wait for the pristine Blu-ray edition of the movie to freeze frame and see if the magna bombs can be seen in the final cut. Han Solo definitely brought a fiery hello message to that Dreadnought, courtesy of Paige Tico. You can check out the images of the magna bombs and their translations below, via Luna’s Twitter account.

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