Harvey Weinstein Says He Wants to 'Rebuild' with Wife Georgina

Harvey Weinstein

I Encouraged Georgina to Leave

… But I’m Not Giving Up

10/11/2017 9:04 AM PDT

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Harvey Weinstein knew his wife of 10 years, Georgina Chapman, was going to leave him because they had a heart-to-heart about breaking up in the days after his scandal broke.

Weinstein says, “Over the last week, there has been a lot of pain for my family that I take responsibility for. I sat down with my wife Georgina, who I love more than anything, and we discussed what was best for our family. We discussed the possibility of a separation and I encouraged her to do what was in her heart. In the end, she made the decision to separate.”

As his sexual harassment scandal grows, Weinstein somehow sounds optimistic he’ll be able to patch things up with Georgina … saying, “I understand, I love her and I love our children and hopefully, when I am better, I will be in their lives again. I support her decision, I am in counseling and perhaps, when I am better, we can rebuild.”

High hopes.

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