Has Kenya Moore Moved On From Cynthia Bailey’s Betrayal?

Sheree Whitfield

Kenya Moore had bonded with Cynthia Bailey over the past year. Cynthia used to be close friends with NeNe Leakes, so when their friendship went sour, Kenya stepped in to get close with Cynthia. And while Moore thought that they were best friends, she was shocked to learn that Bailey didn’t feel the same way. According to a new report, Kenya Moore now has a few words for her co-star.

“A true friend not only defends you in your presence but in your absence. This is a woman I have adored for over four years and I consider her my sister. When she denied me, it just felt a little too much like rejection, and I’m all too familiar with that. I was surprised and crushed that she would treat me that way. She not only embarrassed me but deeply hurt me. I just hope our friendship is strong enough to withstand this test,” Kenya Moore reveals in an interview with Bravo after they asked if she was hurt by Cynthia’s comments.

Bailey’s defense is that she never told Kenya that they were best friends. While they had gotten close during their time off from her friendship with NeNe Leakes, Kenya wasn’t exactly replacing NeNe. And Cynthia seemed more than eager to remove Kenya from the equation and add NeNe once they made peace in Atlanta.

Kenya reveals that she hopes their friendship is strong enough to survive this. In Moore’s mind, it was a betrayal. In Cynthia’s mind, she can have more than two friends and just needed to make it work with NeNe Leakes. It makes sense that Moore is hurt by her co-star, but Cynthia is allowed to have more than one good friend – even if it means Kenya feels replaced.

Do you agree with Kenya Moore’s perspective? Are you surprised that Cynthia Bailey denied their friendship?

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