Haters Think Russia's "Megan Fox" Is Way Too Skinny. What Do You Think?

The 5’9″ Russian model who has been deemed Russia’s answer to our Megan Fox is starting to get a little less love these days from her Instagram fans and the press in general. After posting some new pics recently, people are deeming that Alena Shishkova is clearly having a health issue and may be anorexic. Or, maybe, just maybe, she’s healthier than ever and is totally happy with how she looks.

What do you think? Regardless of how she looked like in the past, this is what she looks like now.

The 23-year-old model assures her fans and anyone with an opinion that she’s just continuing to eat healthy and go to the gym, which has led to her losing any excess fat. However people from her Instagram and various Russian magazines are saying that she looks like an anorexic alien and a “twig”. It’s funny to think that if anyone says anything negative about Melissa McCarthy’s weight, you’re fat shaming. However apparently it’s okay to tell a woman who is clearly maintaining her health that she’s doing a bad thing.

Also, it must be pointed out that Alena is a single mother and maybe people are jealous that anyone who has popped out a kid can still have a pretty solid body. Thoughts?

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