Have Hipsters Gone Too Far With This New Haircut?

It’s obvious that millennials have lost their minds. Why? There are really too many reasons to name, many of you I’m sure could already list a few yourselves but this new “trend” in hairstyling has really topped our list as to why…and you might agree, especially after you see the new super hip look.

The one of a kind haircut was shared on the Barbershapp Facebook page which is a place for anyone to visit looking to see the latest styles and techniques in hair. Even though Barbershapp is an app for customers to seek a new stylist/barber in their city or around the world, the facebook page also helps to keep customers up to date on new looks that they might be possibly interested in. This look however seems to be more for someone who has probably never seen a normal haircut in their life.

However, if standing out from the crowd is what you seek, this actually might be the haircut for you. Or if your name is Bjork and you’re just looking for a trim.

The originator of this look, Aleona Starzhinskaia, uploaded the video of her creating this design on her model Julia Andreeva nearly a year ago, which either means she was way ahead of the times or just really experimenting with something, um, original and just now the fashion community has finally caught on. Or it could mean that it’s all a big prank to see if people would fall for it.

So the question is…are you cool enough to sport this new hot look? Or be lame and stick with your side spike like me.


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