He Asked For A Hug… And Saved My Life: Suicidal Woman Thanks Bridge Hero

‘He Asked For A Hug… And Saved My Life’: Suicidal Woman Thanks Bridge Hero

June 24, 2017

Had it not been for the kindness of a stranger, Malan Wilkinson, 30, of Caernarfon, Wales, would have taken her own life — now she wants to thank him.

good news woman saved with hug
Malan Wilkinson / Photo: Daily Post Wales

Wilkinson was standing on top of a wall on the Britannia Bridge looking down at the water 130 feet below when a man approached her.

“He asked me to come down to give him a hug. He said that life could be better, even good and the finality of this act would probably hurt everyone around me,” Wilkinson said.

“He said each day was a gift and I’d probably regret ending my life. How could I not hug such a strong and noble man.”

That stranger’s name turned out to be Gwyn Jones, a math teacher. And now Wilkinson wants to thank him for saving her.

Wilkinson, who runs a blog about her mental health issues, says writing about her feelings and experiences are a form of therapy.

“I quite literally owe my life to Gwyn Jones and a ‘thank you’ doesn’t feel like enough – but I’ll say it all the same, a tremenous THANK YOU,” she wrote. “Here we have a real life hero. I can now clearer see the worth in life that he so passionately spoke about on that bridge. Thank you for the second chance.”

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