He Attached A Pool Noodle To His Bicycle For This Brilliant Reason

He Attached A Pool Noodle To His Bicycle For This Brilliant Reason

October 18, 2016

Daily commutes used to be tough for Warren Huska, who cycles 11 miles to work every day. Cars barreling by him. SUVs passing within inches of his bike’s handlebars. Drivers jamming on the brakes and leaping from their vehicles to confront him.

But, for the past year, drivers have given Huska a safe passing distance.

Now, when he mounts his trusty two-wheeled steed, Huska is protected by… a pool noodle.

guy put pool noodle on bike for safety

Strapped to his bike’s frame with bungee cords, the floppy foam cylinder is a reminder to drivers not to get too close.

The change he noticed was “almost magical,” Huska told the Toronto Star. “Suddenly all the cars are changing lanes to go around me.”

Huska said drivers have reeled down their car windows to congratulate him on the usefulness of the noodle.

bicycle pool noodle safety

But, so far, he has heard of only one other cyclist sporting a noodle. That might have something to do with the noodle’s coolness, or lack thereof.

“I’m unconcerned about looking good,” Huska said. “I’m concerned about my safety most!”

(h/t) Toronto Star

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