Heel Turn! Wife of WWE Champ Bray Wyatt Files For Divorce After Adultery Claims

Non-wrestling fans, let it be known that I, Bryan Brown love professional wrestling. Because of that, this article is about to become VERY inside baseball. If that’s not your forte, you may want to read a more even-handed account, here. Without further ado …

Aw, shit Breakers! Did you hear that The Eater of Worlds, former WWE Smackdown Champion and patriarch of the Wyatt Family’s wife filed for divorce!? This isn’t a wrestling divorce, like that TIGHT wrestling storyline from the attitude era where Linda McMahon attempted to divorce Vince. No! This is a shoot!

That’s a shoot.

If you want the real newz on this story, don’t look to Big Money Meltzer, check out this exclusive from that dirt sheet “The Daily Mail.” According to them, Bray Wyatt, real name Windham Rotunda’s wife filed for divorce. Was it because of that awful House of Horrors match? Nope! She’s accusing Rotunda of sleeping with Raw announcer and Total Divas star JoJo.

Yeah, but is Triple H going over?

Rotunda’s wife Samantha didn’t find this out from Figure Four Weekly, NO. She searched her husband’s phone records and found that he’d been keeping in “continuous contact” with Jojo. Any rumors that Rotunda’s phone records also showed numerous desperate calls and texts to Harper, Rowan and Strowman asking them to reform the Wyatt family are unfounded.

Rotunda has filed a counter petition requesting his wife keep Kayfabe about the whole thing.

This couple has more heat with each other than Roman Reigns and the city of Chicago.

Could all of this be an attempt for Vince McMahon to work the smarks and get Rotunda over as an even bigger heel? The only way to find out is to follow the buzzards, I guess.

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