Here's What Tai Chi vs. MMA Looks Like

Tai Chi. Harness energy, focus strength. Life force inside us, life force surround us. Channel strength with mind, let energy flow through hands. Tai chi martial art: no can defend. Butterfly, tiger. Raise hand with limp wrist, allow force-field shield—

*guy saying this gets knocked out in ten seconds*

That’s basically what happened in China recently when a “tai chi master” answered the challenge of “someone who knows real fighting.”

Xu Xiaodong, who looks like this—

—had posted a comment on the Weibo account (Weibo is like if Facebook weren’t banned by the Chinese government) of someone who looks like this—

saying the tai chi fighting style Wei Lei practiced and evangelized was a scam. To his credit, Wei rose to his defense, then quickly dropped to the mat once the actual fight took place:

Yep, ol’ Wei Lei got waylaid.

This isn’t the first time some guy waving his hands around like a slow-mo pop-locker got dropped by someone with a more traditional, “hit the guy” fighting style. If you ignore it looking like it was shot on sand, this video is a classic:

And if you’d like to see some white some rocking an ambiguously Asian get-up get exposed on national television, invent in this lengthier but satisfying video:

Let this be a lesson to any wide-eyed Westerners who ascribe mystical powers to anything and everything Eastern: they’re not made of magic over there. Avoid scams.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for a Reiki session. 

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