Hero Dad Gets Passengers To Help His Little Girl Go Trick-Or-Treating On Plane!

Normally stories we cover on Break concerning airline travel are horrendous.  When passengers are not having drug induced fighter jet scrambling panic attacks at 30 thousand feet or urinating on their fellow passengers the airlines themselves are coming up with more ways to torture everyone. That is why it was refreshing that this Halloween there was an airplane story that was more of a treat than a trick.

Passengers aboard a flight on Halloween night from Boston to San Francisco may have had to deploy the floatation devices from all the tearing up. A dad named John Hanrahan was on his way to visit family in Westfield, Massachusetts. This meant that his three-year-old daughter Molly was going to miss one of the most important holidays for a kid there is: Halloween. She would be airborne right during prime trick-or-treating time. Not if Dad could help it.

The father made sure Molly would get her Halloween candy in one way or the other. He provided notes to passengers that read:

“My three-year-old daughter, Molly, was bummed that she wouldn’t be able to go trick-or-treating this year due to this flight… so I decided to bring trick-or-treating to her. If you are willing, when my little doughnut comes down the aisle, please drop this in her basket. You’ll be making her Halloween! If you’re unwilling, no worries, just pass the treat back to me. Thanks so much!”

I like that he still had to include the part about “if you are unwilling”- just a slight nod to the fact that people are dicks. However it seems that this Molly’s trick or treating went off without a hitch and everyone onboard was more than enthusiastic to give the little one some candy. One woman tweeted:

Where is the weirdest place you have gone or taken someone trick-or-treating?

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