Heroic Student Bangs Teacher On Prom Night, Posts This Photo As Proof

Remember in those 80’s movies when a student would bang his teacher and then the other students obviously wouldn’t believe them because the story is just so outlandish? Well now we have cell phone cameras and social media to not only document such an experience but also prove to the world it happened which is exactly what a young 17-year-old had to do to prove he had reached the Mount Everest of sex; banging your hot teacher on prom night.

Here’s the picture he posted to social media after it happened.

A fellow student was staying with the 17-year-old who got the deed done and discovered his buddy in bed with the 28-year-old teacher in their hotel room. The teacher was still asleep when the photograph was taken. Is that a little morbid to take a picture of your sleeping teacher in bed after you’ve banged her? Hard to answer because SHE BANGED HER 17-YEAR-OLD STUDENT ON PROM NIGHT. So this picture is pretty mild by comparison.

The rough part is the teacher is married and her husband actually looks like a nice enough guy. That poor bastard.

The teacher however claims that her drink was spiked but blood tests taken by doctors proved this was not the case. She then did admit to having four glasses of wine and couldn’t seem to remember much of anything after 10:30PM that night. Footage from the hotel proved that she didn’t look to be under the influence of anything other than a nice wine buzz and also showed her making out with the student before heading to his room, an hour or so before the photo was taken of her in the student’s bed.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland, the organization the teacher works for says they have no way to prove what caused her memory loss but considering the case and how uncomfortable it made the parents of the students at school feel, she has been banned to teach at the school any further.

As for the kid, well, I really hope he can overcome the scarring any of this may have caused on his young mind.

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