High School Students Create “Pharma Bro” AIDS Drug For Just $20 A Pill!

For over the past year we have been covering the never ending insanity that is Martin “Pharma Bro” Shkreli. The former pharmaceutical executive outraged the nation when he announced that he would be hiking the price of a lifesaving drug called Daraprim used to treat AIDS patients.

Shkreli in all his evil movie villain glory originally jacked the price from about $13 dollars a pill to over $700.  However a group of Australian high school science students just announced that they have replicated Daraprim for just $20 a pill. The students nicknamed their project “Breaking Good.”


The group of 17 students from Sydney Grammar School worked with scientists at the University of Sydney to reproduce the drug.  The seven young men worked during lunch periods and stayed late after school. Based on the current price of the drug, owned by Turing Pharmaceuticals the kids made about $110,000 worth of Daraprim.


When Pharma Bro announced the price hike there was quick condemnation from all sides of the political spectrum, but since then the man who somehow managed to be the biggest douchebag of 2016 has remained “busy.” There was his arrest by the FBI, a Congressional hearing where he appeared like a smug turd as he was grilled by members of Congress, and a feud with the Wu-Tang Clan in which he threated Ghost Face Killah and purchased the only copy of their album for two million dollars. Shkreli does not like to get F’d with.

For those of us hoping for some sweet schadenfreude while watching Shkreli freak out at the thought of his power to overcharge patients dying of AIDS being taken away from him, alas we have no luck. Always remember, you can’t out troll the troll master. Sadly the Australian students can’t sell it in the United States due to FDA regulations… and the fact that Turing owns the rights to market the pills. And then Shkreli down played the copied pill when folks on Twitter asked him if he was worried about the competition. He said that while it was easy to replicate drugs, they would never be able to market the stuff.

Also the media is creating a false narrative here, people.

He even posted a video detailing how “happy” he was that the young students were interested in science.

Do you think the students should be allowed to sell their Daraprim knockoff for $20 a pill?

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