High Speed Crash Ends Quickly Thanks To Utility Pole

If you get involved in one of those police pursuits that end up on live television, you owe the viewers a big finish. The ideal would be to drive directly off a cliff, but I’d also settle for driving into a pool of molten steel like at the end of Terminator 2 or driving into the ocean as your car transforms into a submarine (if you’re Bruce Wayne). Really, anything that doesn’t harm onlookers, which is exactly what you’re doing by wasting their time with a boring conclusion. I mean, we’re living in the golden age of TV; this ain’t the 90’s, when a high-speed chase was de facto the best thing on television at any given moment. Let’s not forget: I can be watching a Sopranos rerun any time I want.

Homicide suspect Christopher Lamont Carter decided to end his high-speed chase in Oklahoma City with a flourish that, ironically, may have deprived anyone watching it on television of actually seeing it if their electricity went out: guy crashed directly into a power line, downing it:

You may have noticed Mr. Carter was still on his phone as he was dragged from his vehicle. And here I thought I couldn’t put my phone down, lol! But really, if you’re about to go away for murder, it’s not like you’re going to get much more time for operating a phone while driving, especially since he was clearly just talking on it, and as of this writing, it’s only illegal to text while operating a vehicle in Oklahoma, regardless of fleeing-from-cops status.

As you may imagine, this wasn’t Christopher’s first-run in with the law, but he does appear to have learned something from his prior arrests…

…to smile for the camera!

Here are some other big finishes caught on camera:

Next time, when they ask if Pepsi is okay, say yes (skip to 1:30)

This guy drives a convertible: it becomes a snub nose car instantaneously (skip to 2:21)

Citizen’s arr…well, not quite arrest, but nice assist:

Remember, you need the same guns from Heat to re-enact the shootout from Heat (skip to 6:10)

Hmm boy wonder how the driver fared after the cutaway (skip to 6:05)

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