Hilarie Burton Says Ben Affleck Grabbed Her Boob On MTV’s TRL In 2003

Hilarie Burton


Yesterday, Ben Affleck released a statement saying Harvey Weinstein‘s behavior was “completely unacceptable” and that he was “saddened” and “angry” (no word yet on his brother). Then almost immediately, Rose McGowan (Affleck’s co-star in Miramax’s Phantoms) called his ass a liar on Twitter because apparently Affleck knew about it. Then after that, Hilarie Burton said Affleck grabbed her titty on MTV’s TRL in 2003.


I had to Google Hilarie Burton, then I was like, “yeah, I remember her”. But like, stop groping women who don’t ask you to grope them. I really don’t understand why this is such a foreign concept. The point of grabbing a titty is to be able to grab it again. Titties are wonderful. Please treat them accordingly.


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