Hilary Duff’s Ex Husband Mike Comrie Might Have Raped Somebody

Mike Comrie


Unclear if Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie got divorced because he liked raping, but Mike Comrie is currently under investigation by the LAPD for rape after a woman said he did the raping multiple times at his house last weekend. Tell us about it TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us the woman claims she met up with Comrie at a bar Saturday night and went back to his West L.A. condo. She claims he raped her multiple times. The woman says she almost immediately went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center nearby, and a rape kit was administered.

Yeah, that sounds bad. But hey, there’s good news!

Sources connected with Comrie say he’s known the woman for a long time and acknowledges he had sex with her, but insists she gave full consent. The sources also say the encounter was a 3-way and the other woman has not filed any complaint.

Comrie has known the chick for a long time and it was a 3-way and that means he didn’t do the raping or something I honestly have no idea what that has to do with anything. I assume sources connected with Comrie says the Russian leaks are the “real story”.


These pics are old, but this is Mike Comrie walking around yesterday in what can only be described as a rape uniform.


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