Horrifying Video Of Woman Smashing Into Ground During Bungee Jump Goes Viral

Skydiving, bungee jumping, hiking alone in bear-infested woods while on your period…all technically safe when done correctly, but done INcorrectly and you’ll probably find yourself on a slab at the morgue. Luckily, safety precautions exist so that survival of the fittest has become null and void, meaning that should you request to skydive without a parachute because you want to see if that umbrella trick in cartoons works…

…you shall promptly be told “No” and then sent right back into the gene pool to procreate. Oh, how I yearn for the days when dinosaurs kept the population trim and intelligent.

Occasionally, however, someone comes along and gets dicked over by an incompetent instructor through no fault of his or her own. Today’s case is this poor woman who bungee jumped from a bridge, but instead of springing back she slammed straight into the shallow river below:

LadBible reports that the footage was taken at La Negra Two bridge between Santa Cruz and Cocabamba in central Bolivia. According to locals it’s not very common for people to bungee jump off the bridge, which explains why local woman Shyrleny Ribera and her family approached to watch the jump. “We were in the area and approached there to look at it,” Ribera said, “We saw the lady jumping and, for unknown reasons, she ended up crashing against the river ground, as it was not deep enough.”

Ribera goes on to say that upon seeing the woman smack into the river, she and her family ran to the nearest town and called an ambulance. “It was so sad to see a young woman agonizing in this way,” she recalled, “They should have taken more care to do this kind of risky activity.”

Fortunately, the company who organized the jump (Andean Trek) transferred the woman to a private clinic and paid for all her bills. Company director Oscar Sandoval claimed this was the first time something like this had ever happened during his time at the company, stating “It was a human mistake, somebody did something wrong. We are checking the videos in order to know who, or what, released the brake of the rope.”

Would you still try bungee jumping after watching this video? Let us know in the comments!

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