Hot And Married Kentucky Teacher Arrested For Sex With Middle School Student

Do we all remember the hot vs. crazy scale?

The rule goes that a person is allowed to be crazy, as long as they’re equally hot. Ideally you’d want the person to be low in crazy and high in hot (keeping them above the yellow line), but the chances of that ever working out are generally slim because people, at their core, are fucking nuts.

Enter: Lindsey Jarvis, who is definitely hot enough to be above the yellow line, but her level of crazy puts her into coked-out Lindsay Lohan territory.

27-year-old Lindsey, a former teacher at Woodward County Middle School, was arrested after being accused of having a “sexual relationship” with a student under the age of 16. That’s right – Lindsey was boning a middle school student. You can look at a 17-year-old and say they’re hot (technically on the Internet you cannot do this because for someone to be hot they have to be 18 or else you’re a pedophile, but the real world is a different story) without coming off like a complete loon, but kid who’s 15 or under? You’ve got problems. Lindsey just managed to take your problems, fart out some icing on top and then broil them on high for six hours.

Police believe that Lindsey sodomized the unnamed student in May 2016, followed by having sexual intercourse with him at the middle school one month later. After resigning from her job in early summer, she was then hired at Veterans Park Elementary School in August 2016. You’d think that the change in school would’ve been the end of Lindsey and the unnamed student boning, but apparently long-distance relationships don’t faze this woman and the two continued their “relationship.”

Once authorities began their investigation, however, the student admitted that there was evidence of their communications on Lindsey’s phone after being taken in for an interview. “”While we cannot comment on individual personnel issues, we can assure families and community members that we are aware of the matter,” Fayette County Schools spokeswoman Lisa Deffendall confirmed to The Sun. “Our personnel protocols in a case like this would call for placing an employee on administrative leave pending resolution.”

Lindsey pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape on Monday, as well as sodomy and unlawful transaction with a minor. The case is currently ongoing. 

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