Hot Girl Arrested For Having Sex With Old Rich Men And Then Stealing Their Money

Everyone has a price. If Richard Simmons walked up to you and offered to pay $5,000 for you to jerk him off, you’d probably do it. $5,000 is no small chunk of change, and if someone is willing to fork it over in exchange for the driest, most unenthusiastic HJ of all time, you’d be stupid not to accept.

But what if you’re an old, frumpy dude and some hot-to-trot little 21-year-old walked up to you? The cynic in me would assume she’s after my money, but the idiot in me (which makes up 95% as opposed to the cynical 5%) would say “Wow I’m so great J Look at me attracting all these sexy ladies J J If I get her back to my room there’s no WAY she’d give me the driest, most unenthusiastic HJ of all time J J J”

Sadly, that was the case for the multiple men who ran across Yomna Fouad, a young woman accused of drugging and robbing men of their money and valuables throughout the East Coast.

According to the Miami Herald, Fouad would meet older, rich men at clubs, get invited back to their rooms and then steal all their valuable wares when they weren’t looking:

The man told police he left his valuables in the safe, then went to the valet to retrieve an overnight bag. When he returned, the victim said, Fouad and her cohort were gone — but so was his gold Rolex and other items that he said were worth $46,000. He told police he assumed one of the women watched the code he entered to open the safe. (via)

Well no shit dude – what, you think they’re international expert safe-crackers who just so happened to stumble upon your rich ass? This isn’t Ocean’s 11, there’s no team of mastermind criminals plotting to break into your hotel room, just two attractive girls and one idiot (hint: you’re the idiot.)

Scared of hot girls sucking my dick and stealing my watch? Yes and no.

It wasn’t until Saturday, however, that Fouad was caught after one of her victims from March spotted her outside yet another nightclub:

In March, Galette told police, she pulled the same stunt on him. He said he met her outside the Dream nightclub in Miami Beach and that they went back to his place at 4:30 a.m. She called herself “Amina,” he said. Galette said Fouad gave him a massage, they had sex, then he fell asleep.

When he woke up, his watch, bag and Fouad were gone.

So he went searching. And on Saturday, just outside a club on Washington Avenue and Seventh Street, Galette spotted Fouad. The two began to argue. When police showed up, a records check showed she was wanted by Miami police. Miami Beach police then realized she was wanted on the Beach as well for the Fontainebleau ripoff. (via)

You’d think that if Fouad is smart enough to rip off all these dudes she’d be smart enough to play it cool when confronted by one of her victims. “Me? You think I stole from you?” she should’ve said while batting her eyelashes. “How silly. Why don’t I take you back to my hotel for a drink or two and we talk this over?” Then Fouad slowly lures him up to her room and steals literally everything he has just to spite him: I’m talking fancy Rolexes as well as the damn shoes he was wearing. Literally rob him naked just to show him who’s boss and that she ain’t someone to be fucked with.

Sadly, our girl in question is not as smart as we’d hoped, which means she’s now being held without bond at the Turner Guilford Knight Correction facility. Fouad now faces multiple grand theft charges, as well as charges related to larceny and owning a fake ID. 

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