Hot Math Teacher Charged With Having Sex With THREE High School Students

There are student teacher sex scandals where you read the story and think to yourself, “How could any self-respecting teacher fuck a student?” Then you scroll a little further down, and find out the teacher looks like this:

“Oh. Okay, well, I guess that makes sense now,” you say as you count blessings that your momma didn’t spend nine months pregnant just to pop out an underpass troll. “Ugly people gotta fuck too, even if it’s with the booger pickin’ kid in the back of art class who once chugged an entire gallon of paint just to see if he’d piss blue.”

But Erin McAuliffe? Come on – what the fuck are you doing.

As you can see, Erin is an 8/10 who has no business slumming for dick during recess. Assuming her personality isn’t blander than tapioca pudding, she shouldn’t have any trouble finding some dude off Tinder to ghost after he shells out for $80+ on dinner. Yet here she is, splattered all over the Internet today after being taken into custody on Thursday once police issued a warrant for her arrest.

According to Daily Mail, McAuliffe was a math teacher at Rocky Mountain Prep, a North Carolina public charter school, until school officials contacted police on May 5th to report allegations of sexual misconduct against the educator (McAuliffe was fired from Rocky Mountain Prep on May 4th.) Detectives reportedly interviewed multiple students before issuing a warrant, and determined that all of the alleged sexual encounters had occurred off campus. No further details have been released, however police have noted that two of the unnamed students are 17 years old, whereas the third is 16.


McAuliffe’s first court appearance is scheduled for June 12th. She is currently being held in the Carteret County Jail on $20,000 bond.

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