Houston Police Have NO IDEA Who Took Tom Brady's Jersey … 'We're Looking at Everybody'

2/7/2017 12:27 PM PST

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Bill Belichick. Julian Edelman. The ball boys. Reporters. Robert Kraft

The Houston Police Dept. says they’re looking at EVERYONE who had access to the Patriots locker room to find out who stole Tom Brady‘s Super Bowl jersey … ’cause right now they have no idea. 

The Houston PD just addressed the media — saying they’re combing through lists of people who were in the locker room when the jersey went missing. 

They’re also asking for reporters and camera people to check video in the hopes someone caught the thief in the act. 

Bottom line … the jersey is still missing and cops don’t seem to have any real leads

Officials say they’ve read reports that the jersey could be worth around $500,000 … so it’s become a high priority case. Top investigators are on the case!!! 

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