How a Cannabis Expert Sneaks Weed Past the TSA

If you are going to try, though, there are ways to do it right and increase your odds. Basically, you just need to make it so TSA won’t happen across it during routine checks, which is actually easier than it sounds. Over at The Cannabist, Joel Milton, the chief executive of dispensary software provider Baker, shares his best tips:

  • Don’t bring any liquid cannabis: TSA is always on the lookout for liquids of any kind, so avoid the infused drinks and elixirs. Bringing a liquid under the 3.5 ounce limit is better, but still not ideal since they’ll be looking more closely.
  • Use odor-sealed packaging: If you’re bringing flowers, or even some edibles, keep them sealed in containers that don’t let any stink out. If they can smell it at all, you’re not getting it through. Pack it along with snacks and food items so it blends in.
  • Don’t try too hard to hide it: TSA and their machines are looking for anomalies. As Milton points out, shoving a container of it into a jar of peanut butter is going to look very suspicious on a scanner. Same goes for shoving a vape pen into the battery compartment of your laptop and other such hideaways. They’ll want to pull those things out and check them. Milton says it’s better to keep the amount very small and to hide things in plain sight.
  • Eat an edible before you fly: If you’re not comfortable flying with it on your person, just down a treat before you go through security. Just know your limits and don’t eat too much.

Milton explains he’s had his bags searched several times by TSA, usually because of an errant water bottle, but he’s had things hidden in plain sight that went overlooked. Remember, TSA are looking for very specific things. If they don’t see that stuff, they want to move things along as fast as possible.

Still, keep in mind, if it’s found by a TSA agent, things might not work out. But as long as you’re careful, not trying to smuggle a brick of it, and not flaunting it around like an idiot, there’s no reason you should have any trouble. TSA makes the final call on whether an item is allowed on the plane or not, so be smart and don’t give them a reason not to allow it.

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