How Do You Open This Cupboard Without Breaking The Bowls?! Break Debate!

Something horrifically anxiety inducing happened last week that is causing an international stir and has launched lots of debate on social media. A stack of bowls in Zeng Shaocen’s cupboard tipped over against the glass pane and nobody can agree how to save them. This is why I only use paper plates. How do you open this cupboard without breaking the bowls?

The translation nailed it. The future is now.

On Saturday Zeng posted the picture of the ill-fated china bowls to a Taiwanese Facebook group with the caption “A cupboard that can never be opened.”

Since then the comments on the post have turned into an epic debate on how exactly Zeng could open the cabinet without breaking the bowls. It’s a mind bending odyssey into the depths of human ingenuity to figure this out. What if Zeng just opens the door really quick and catches the bowls? Maybe there is a way to slide a self-inflating cushion under the door of the cupboard that will expand once inside?

That will cushion the bowls!

Perhaps Zeng could master The Force and telekinetically restack the bowls inside the cupboard without having to open it.  Or Zeng could just film it as the bowls smash and send it to Break.  Either way Facebook uses had their own take on how to MacGyver a china bowl rescue. It’s just like getting “Baby Jessica” out of that well.

To me, smashing a pane of glass and removing them from beneath might be the best way to go. Then again I would probably cut open my hand so badly in the process I would bleed out.

Break Debate: How would you get the bowls out of the cupboard without breaking them?

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