How Is Kenya Moore Handling The Possible Leak Of Pregnancy News?

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore made headlines over the weekend, when her co-star Phaedra Parks announced that Moore was possibly pregnant. On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya has revealed that she wanted to get pregnant and she has explained that she would be doing IVF treatments during the show’s hiatus. But one can imagine that Moore wanted to announce her possibly pregnancy news by herself – not through Phaedra. So, how is she dealing with the news?

According to a new Instagram, Kenya Moore is completely ignoring the pregnancy rumors. In fact, she hasn’t used social media at all to address Phaedra’s claims and she doesn’t seem eager to share any news with the world. Instead of clarifying these rumors, she expressed sadness over the death of Vanity.

Vanity was known for her song “Nasty Girl” from 1982 – a song produced by Prince. She also toured with him, and it sounds like Kenya remembers her music.

“I’m so sad to hear of #Vanity passing. You have no idea how iconic and influential she was to me growing up. I had never seen a more beautiful woman in my life as she was so captivating and enigmatic,” Moore revealed on Instagram, adding, “I went to one of her album signings when I was a teen and she smiled at me. I was too afraid to even make eye contact with her. I just thought the world of her. I am so sad that she lost her battle with her disease. I thank you #Vanity for being a strong, independent, outspoken woman of color. May God bless her family and loved ones.”

While Kenya Moore is sad about this sudden passing, she isn’t addressing the pregnancy rumor. In fact, she’s not even giving Parks the time of the day. Since the reunion hasn’t been filmed yet, one has to wonder if this will be addressed there.

Do you think Kenya Moore is pregnant?

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