How Many Girls Are In This Photo? The Internet Is Losing It Over This!

Another photograph is going viral this week and it has the potential to be this year’s “The Dress.” A photographer from Switzerland named Tiziana Vergari posted this picture and it has set off a total firestorm. How many actual girls are sitting in this photo?

Two girls, one mirror?

How many actual human girls, not reflections are in the picture? Show this to a friend and let us know if you are still friends.

The mainstream media wants you to believe that there are only TWO girls in the picture who happen to be sitting in the middle of two mirrors, causing an optical illusion of infinite girls. However those of us that don’t stick their head in the sand and demand answers and The Truth have pointed out some red flags in the picture that shed new light on this claim.

“Third Girl Truthers” And The Missing Bracelet

No, YOU have too much time on your hands!

Some sharp eyed observers have noticed that the multicolored bracelet of the middle girl does not appear in the “reflection.” Thus this is not the same person and proves that there are more than the two girls in the official story.  This discrepancy could be explained away by the perspective of the camera. OR, more likely there are more than two girls in the photograph.

Quad Theory: Double Twins

Two sets of twins? Or is life just a mirror?

I think there are FOUR girls. In reality there are two sets of twins. Each of the taller girl set of twins is sitting on the outside of the two smaller girls. The mirror is positioned beyond the fourth girl. Think about it.

So, what is it? How many girls do you think are in the original Instagram photo? 2? 4? 8?

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