How To Get Laid On Tinder: 10 Rules From Real Users

When your end goal is getting laid, why waste time on pleasantries and getting to know one another? If you want to just bang one out, history and my most recent addiction, these real Tinder conversations featured on @TinderNoFilter, have proven time and time again, that there are ten simple steps you should follow in online dating, in order to ensure getting laid. Trust me, “60% of the time, it works every time.”

1. Get Right To The Point

There could be at least 10-15 other guys trying to get to the same girl as you. Competition is rampant and there is no time to waste!

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2. Ask About Her Life

Express interest in her by asking questions that help you get to know her better, and keep the conversation flowing.



3. Compliment, Compliment, Compliment!
Women love to hear what you think about them, so no matter what, don’t hold back on any of your thoughts on her or her profile pictures.

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4. Show Your Intelligence By Using Big Words

While you may not have a degree from Harvard, google search some big words and do your best to throw them in the mix from time to time. Chicks dig smart men.


5. Be Very Truthful

Women love it when you give them unsolicited advice or information, so don’t hold back or she will think you are lying.


6. Keep Going.. Even If At Time She Doesn’t Get It

When you’re really at your prime, you might hit her with sweet nothings that she ultimately doesn’t even understand. Don’t worry, that just means you’ve peaked her interest, so keep it up!


7. Keep It Playful

It’s easy to misread text conversations, so keep it light and fun. (Using emojis also helps with this.)


8. Show Interest In Her Job

Modern day women enjoy being a part of the work force, so let her know that you appreciate her contributions.


9. Be Worldly

Women love men who know about other cultures of the world. Be that man!


And most importantly….

10. Never Give Up

Even if it seems like she would rather rip off an arm than talk to you, just keep going ’till you break her down.



Additional Options:

Show Her How Much You Value Family

If you plan on starting one some day, show her the kind of father figure you aspire to be.


Make Her Feel Useful

Humans thrive on being given a purpose, so be sure to ask her for help when you need it.



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