Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart Reunite and the Internet Loses It

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have reunited and sent fans into an emotional spiral on social media. Jackman and Stewart starred together in Logan earlier this year, which remains one of 2017’s greatest movies. But it’s the way in which Jackman decided to caption the photo that has fans really choked up, as the actor refers to the moment as a “father and son reunion.” If that doesn’t get X-Men fans right in the feelings, nothing will.

“Father and son reunion. #Logan #Charles #Wolverine”

In the X-Men universe, be it in the comics or the movies, Charles Xavier is not actually Wolverine’s father. However, he has always been something of a father figure to Wolverine, trying to guide him along the right path. In Logan, this was explored in an especially emotional way. Hugh Jackman’s acknowledgment of this in his recent social media post got fans worked up. Twitter user mccree summed it up quite nicely.

“i am… you say…… crying my eyes out rn”

It doesn’t hurt anything that Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman look like most people probably hope they would look as father and son. They’re clearly happy and love being around one another. In Logan, there’s actually a good chunk of the movie where Charles and Wolverine have to pretend as though they are actually father and son which ends when *spoilers* Professor X is killed. So it’s understandable that this moment is getting fans eyes to water up a bit. Twitter user @candrus68 decided to take a more humorous approach to the reunion.

“I love seeing my parents celebrating their anniversary. Congrats!”

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart started their long, on-screen relationship with one another in 2000 with Bryan Singer’s first X-Men movie. The pair would go on to star alongside one another in four movies, including Logan. Considering how much the X-Men movies helped change the course of blockbuster filmmaking over that time period, which spanned nearly two decades, it’s easy to see why they would have such a strong bond. And why fans would have such a strong connection to them.

Logan was a massive success, bringing in $616 million at the worldwide box office and garnering near universal acclaim from critics, with a 93 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Because it’s a comic book movie, its chances for Academy Award nominations may be hampered, but Fox is making a push to make that happen. Can we at least get Patrick Stewart a Best Supporting Actor nomination? At least we know Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart still have a lot of love for one another. You can check out some of the best social media reactions to the reunion for yourself below.

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