Husband Plans Wife's Surprise Birthday With Family Just To Catch Her Cheating

When you’re married and just know your wife is cheating on you, it’s tough to have enough evidence for it to hold up in court during the divorce proceedings. That’s why this husband really wanted to hit a home run when it came to catching his wife banging another dude.

The husband knew he was headed down the divorce path when his wife would receive texts that would make her laugh and she would just simply say that it was her mom. Weird texts grew to heading to the grocery store at weird hours during the night and staying late at work more and more. As his wife’s birthday was coming up, he had apparently asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate but she urged that she would love nothing more than to just be alone, urging her husband to maybe spend some time with his guy friends. Of course, that sounds like a pretty cool wife until he found a champagne bottle and glasses hidden in their closet. And that was the final straw before the husband hatched his plan.

Knowing that his wife was cheating, but not having enough evidence to support his claim, he planned on not only catching her in the act, but going one step better than simply running in on her with a camera in his hand. He planned a surprise birthday party with their families so he could have plenty of unsuspecting witnesses.

Luckily for the husband, the plan came together beautifully. He got both families together, knowing to not tell her because, well, then it wouldn’t be a surprise birthday! The day arrived and the family piled into his apartment elevator with cake and balloons in hand. They made their way quietly into his apartment and there she was, naked as a jay bird banging some other dude in the living room. The family was of course mortified but the husband stood there, smiling, knowing he had more than enough witnesses to successfully divorce her ass and keep every penny.

Even though it’s easy to let your emotions get the best of you, ready to expose someone for what they are, sometimes you have to be patient to execute the perfect plan instead.

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