If We Don’t Like This Lena Dunham Untouched Lingerie Photo Are We Body Shaming?

The experts telling us how to think and feel are in full force on the Internet today as Girls star Lena Dunham and actress Jemima Kirke have released “untouched” lingerie photos. You know what else is untouched? My dick-  after looking at these pictures.

The only thing I want to see plus sized is my French-fries, not my lingerie models.

Dunham and Kirke quickly got applause from the PC, crowd when the “body positive” pictorial of the two lounging out in their undies, letting it all hang out was posted by a New Zealand underwear company called Lonely. The company targets regular women with a mission statement that  “celebrates the strength and individuality of women and creates lingerie, swimwear and clothing that embraces and empowers them.”

The new advertising campaign called “Lonely Girls” purports to promote the female body in all forms by using only Photoshop free images of women in a sort of FUCK YOU to traditional female targeted advertising. I fully support this. Just don’t tell me I have to think this is attractive or I’m being a body shaming asshole.

Loads social media commenters were quick to laud the actresses for how “beautiful and attractive they are.”  However some dudes, who would be sure to be crucified if I shared their username, agree with me on this one:  

“I’m not being sexist or misogynistic or shallow or an “objectifer” when I say, with all honesty, I want to look at this about as much as I want to look at myself in lingerie.”

Isn’t it more empowering for women if they are “allowed” to be a chubby schlub and NOT have everyone be forced to call them beautiful? If comedians like Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen can make careers being the goofy fat guy, why can’t a lady do the same? Let’s not force everyone to pretend we all have to be attracted to that. I think a chubby chick showing her tits is just as funny as the dude from Forgetting Sarah Marshall Jason Segal pulling his dick out on screen for a laugh. However it is totally fine if neither of these chubby people give me a chubby.

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