Iggy Azalea Has Security Footage, Nick Young Doesn’t Have The Range

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young are in the news again, because Nick Young’s teammate and Iggy Azalea have access to social media. Let’s recap.

Iggy and Nick broke up because D’Angelo Russell is kind of a dumbass. Iggy wrote an emotional soliloquy about it on Instagram.

Nick Young kept it brief.

Nick Young has been tweeting about the NBA Finals and his trip to Paris since then, But Iggy Azalea needs us to all have closure so we’ll stop spending hours trying to unravel this mystery, so she tweeted out her hottest mixtape so far earlier this morning.

E! News then claimed Nick Young told Iggy that he was the father of Keonna Green’s new baby. Well, the Twitter response came back and determined that was a lie.

So I guess now we all know. Let’s put all this behind us, friends. It was a dark few months, but I think we can finally begin to heal. Nick Young also needs to live in a place where no technology exists.

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