Is Lala Kent Dating A New Man?

Lala Kent

Lala Kent is new to Vanderpump Rules and SUR this season and she quickly got herself in trouble with James Kennedy. James really wanted to hook up with her, and he didn’t have a great reaction when she turned him down. All season, he’s been trying to hook up with her and possibly date her, but she isn’t having it. And now, she could have moved on to a new man.

According to a new tweet, Lala Kent may be dating a new man. This weekend, Lala shared a picture of a new man and she revealed that he was her crush. “My #MCE – my (baby),” Lala revealed on Twitter, sharing a picture of a new man. MCE stands for “My Crush Everyday.”

And it sounds like her followers agree with this new man. “Nice!!! Way better then James,” one person wrote to Lala after she shared the picture.

And it sounds like she may have been out of town, as her dog was at the dog spa – something called Spaw. “My dog, Lilly, is having a Spaw day & apparently she has a personal vendetta against the blow dryer. That’s the phone call I just received,” Lala Kent revealed on Twitter, sharing that she’s actually happy with her life and her dog.

Kent doesn’t really talk about James on her social media. She has a few pictures of them together from when they traveled to New York and Chicago to do appearances, but it doesn’t seem like they dated at all. In fact, James has posted several pictures of him with other women, so if they did date briefly, maybe they are trying to make one another jealous. It doesn’t seem like it is working though.

What do you think of Lala Kent’s new man? Are you surprised that she’s moving on without giving James a chance?

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