Is Lisa Vanderpump Now The Villain On 'RHOBH'?

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is a curious person. This has been shown on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills several times, including on this season. During the trip to the Hamptons, Vanderpump grilled Eileen Davidson about the end of her marriage that led to her affair. Lisa kept digging to get details, and Eileen felt weird about it. But now her curiosity is making her look like a villain on the show. According to a new report, Lisa Vanderpump is now defending herself in the Yolanda Foster drama.

Lisa was labeled a bad person after talking about Yolanda Foster’s children. Lisa revealed that Mohammed Hadid had told her that the children were fine, hinting that they weren’t sick. But two of Yolanda’s three children have been diagnosed with lyme. And Foster wasn’t happy with people talking about her children.

“I would never bring somebody’s children (especially their health) into this very public forum, but Yolanda did…twice…of her OWN volition. She announced that they we were infected with Lyme disease, volunteered the information, first when we had drinks and were introduced to Erika,” Lisa explains in defense of herself.

“The second time was with Kyle in the park. Now the first time, initially, I believed was inadvertent. It was just prior to her surgery and she was emotional, she had been talking about her will and survival, and I believed, as sometimes happens, as moments are often captured, you only realize later, often with regret,” Lisa reveals, adding, “That was how I perceived this situation to be, but when I saw her consciously initiate the conversation in the park, once more the subject was brought to the forefront which surprised me greatly. As I viewed this, I was incredulous. She has stated don’t bring my kids into this, but she did, twice.”

It is interesting that Lisa has been labeled the villain. Who do you think is in the wrong in this situation?

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