Is Nuclear Fusion Power A Step Closer To Reality? MIT Reactor Sets Record!

It has been described as the holy grail of scientific breakthroughs. Fusion Energy could revolutionize the world and usher in a new age of limitless, clean energy for the benefit of all mankind.  Right now there are several teams of scientists around the world working to achieve Nuclear Fusion technology, essentially creating the same process that powers the sun.

A  Tokamak fusion reactor.

Current nuclear reactors work through fission, the process of splitting atoms, fusion works when gas is heated up and separated into ions and electrons; when the ions are heated enough they overcome their repulsion and collide, fusing together. This releases energy 3-4 more times powerful than a fission reaction. Then it is time to rev up the Starship Enterprise. However it is SUPER hard to do.

Magnetic fields are used to create pressure and high temperatures to fuse the nuclei of atoms and release energy.

There is a scientist “joke” that goes that “Fusion power is just 30 years away and it will always be 30 years away.” In the past several years we have seen claims made of new, big advances taking us closer to Fusion. The reason it is so difficult is that scientists need to create conditions of extreme heat and pressure in order to fuse the nuclei of hydrogen atoms together. Making a star on earth is no easy task. Researchers at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts may have gotten a step closer to that goal by breaking the record for the amount of pressure they were able to place on the atoms. (2.05 atmospheres) This generated a heat of 63 million degrees Fahrenheit.

Dale Meade, a former deputy director at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory says that; “This is a remarkable achievement. The record plasma pressure validates the high-magnetic-field approach as an attractive path to practical fusion energy.

Some people are saying that the promise of nuclear fusion will never come to pass because the global elites will suppress new technology that could upset the balance of power. I never understood that type of conspiracy theory.  As rich and powerful as some people are, wouldn’t they also rather live in a technological utopia with us? If humanity had access to limitless energy everyone’s standard of living would rise, including that of the elites. So if there really is some big conspiracy to suppress limitless energy, they are only suppressing themselves.

Do you think we will see Nuclear Fusion power in our lifetime?

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