Is Sheree Whitfield Getting Back Together With Her Ex-Husband?

Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield has hinted that she has nothing left for her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, on previous episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sheree even took him to court in hopes of getting child support and their relationship has been up and down for years. So everyone was surprised when Whitfield decided to bring Bob on a cast trip to Jamaica – a couple’s trip! Are they back together. According to a new report, Sheree Whitfield reveals they are not back together, but they are working on it for the sake of their kids.

“I do not care what anyone says, but no one gets married hoping for it to end in a divorce! Once my truth played out on TV, I feel it added to the already very challenging road we were traveling on, the difficulties we were experiencing in co-parenting our children, and us even attempting to be cordial to one another,” Sheree Whitfield reveals in her Bravo blog, adding, “Everyone deserves a second chance, and if that second chance means a better relationship for my children with their dad, then I’m all for it!”

Of course, Whitfield has already been accused once this season of marrying Bob for his money. Bob played in the NFL for a few years, but Sheree reveals that he had no money when they met one another. Plus, he filed for personal bankruptcy a few years ago when she was trying to get money from him in child support. In other words, Sheree denied marrying for money.

“I’ve learned that life is all about perspective, and I choose to focus on the positive. There is a lot that Bob and I may never agree on, but what we do agree on is that we love our kids. I am happy to say that Bob and I have a growing friendship and he plays an active role in all three of my children’s lives,” Sheree points out.

At this point in time, Sheree doesn’t really know where their relationship will go. It is possible that they could get back together, but she may not want to get married again.

Do you think Sheree Whitfield should get back together with Bob?

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