Is 'Teen Mom' Matt Baier A Sexual Abuse Victim?

Matt Baier and Amber Portwood

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood fully stands behind her man, even though he has been bashed in the media over the past couple of weeks. On Teen Mom, it was revealed that Matt Baier may have lied about the amount of children he has. While he had told Amber that he only had 2 children, Gary Shirley learned that he actually had upwards of 7. It was later revealed that he may have 8 children, as one woman hadn’t sought out child support through the legal system. 

According to a new report, Matt Baier may have even more to hide. Apparently, he wrote a book back in 2008 called Guys Don’t Rat On Guys. The book is a novel and it is published under a pen name, but the picture of the author does reveal that it is Matt. He published the book under the name “Grey Baker” and the novel explores the life of a sexual abuse victim.

“I have lived, and survived, a very interesting life,” Baier wrote on his author bio, according to the report. “My writing is taken from my real experiences…I became a writer to show people (and myself) that your upbringing and past should not hold you back from reaching your dreams.”

And here’s the kicker: Matt claims that he was the vice president of Safety Zone Advocacy, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children from sex crimes. But the founder of this group claims that he never worked for her. One has to wonder if Amber knows about this book and the lies he told to promote his book. Radar Online also learned that he has been arrested for a DUI, assault and issuing bad checks in his younger years. Surely, Amber doesn’t want this kind of person around Leah.

What do you think of Matt Baier lying about his life and experiences to sell a fiction book?

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