Is The New C-String Underwear Super Hot Or Just Weird?

The G-string has become the new granny panties, especially after you check out the new C-string which comes with zero straps and clings to a woman’s privates like the jaws of fucking life. The question though remains, is it sexy or just too weird. Hell, it might be a little bit of both.

More popular in European countries, this answer to “how small can we really make underwear” is now gaining popularity in the states and, well, we’re just not sure what to think about it. Sure, the front view is pretty enticing but once you see the back, we are left with so many questions.

One would assume an owner of the C-string would be able to wash the apparatus (it’s clearly no longer just underwear. It’s a damn apparatus) but we think it might work better as a place to hold your outgoing mail. Frankly, it just looks uncomfortable because it’s a piece of plastic wrapped in cloth so it grips the woman’s groin and buttcrack.

The question is do you want to be a with a woman that prefers this style of underwear over something a little bit more practical and reliable?

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