Is This An Alien Monolith On The Surface Of The Planet Mercury?

Last week we uncovered the claim that there is an alien base on the moon. Now researchers say that the aliens may have built a giant monolith on the surface of the planet Mercury.

Either this is definitive proof that there are intelligent aliens living right in our own solar system, or someone has watched 2001: A Space Odyssey one too many times. 

UFO researcher Scott C Waring made the startling find back in 2012 and now there is new evidence in the case. In video and photographic evidence first obtained by NASA’s Messenger probe, there appears to be a rectangular object. Waring orginally proposed that the object was “a doorway” on the first planet from the sun.

He suggests that the planet Mercury does not receive a lot of public attention from NASA, like other planets such as Mars. This may be part of a cover up to distract the public from the fact that “Mercury is where it’s at” in terms of alien life. Perhaps NASA forgot to edit out this one picture of the monolith when they released it to the public?

Well now another avid UFO researcher named Tyler Glockner has a new theory about the alien structure on the planet. He believes it to be not a doorway, but a giant, three mile long monolith.

‘I took a really good look, it became clear to me that this is not an entrance at all. In fact, it’s something much more magnificent. This is a shadow … where is the shadow coming from?’

His answer: the giant monolith. He deduced this from reexamining the photograph and finding that the object in the center of the 26 mile in diameter Mercury crater. Judging from the angle that the sun is casting a shadow on the northern wall of the craters it was apparent that the black rectangle is not the structure itself but rather the shadow cast from a tall free standing monolith.

Or you could wake up with one of these things in your bedroom.

As the closest planet to the sun temperatures there range from negative 280 degrees Fahrenheit to well over 800 degrees, making it inhospitable for life as we know it. Any monolith making aliens would be hard pressed to stand on the surface of Mercury unless the thing comes with a giant air conditioner.

What do you think? Is this finally the proof people need to WAKE UP and realize that there are aliens in our solar system? Or is this just a random shadow?

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