Is This Chinese Woman 17 Months Pregnant As She Claims?!

It seems that America just can’t catch a break these days. Now the Chinese are even winning at having epic pregnancies. Sure that lady from “John and Kate Plus 8” and Octo-Mom had litters of babies, but that was years ago! What have American women done recently to give birth in an impressively weird way? Take for example Wang Shi, of Hunan Province, China. Wang is 17 months pregnant. What is she part elephant?

All you amateur gynecologists out there know that a normal human pregnancy is supposed to last 9 months. So Wang’s bun in the oven has been cooking for a bonus 8 months. You’d think by now that it would be hot and ready to come out, but Wang and her doctors claim that it still needs some cooking.

Wang her husband Kang Zhiwei had gone to the doctor and were issued an official document from the Chinese government allowing her to have a baby. This certificate granting her the freedom to reproduce says that her due date is November 2015. However after that date came and went, doctors discovered that she has a condition known as placenta praevia where the placenta- the organ that supplies the fetus nutrients through the umbilical cord –  stays in the lower part of the womb. They say this underdeveloped placenta has caused the slow pregnancy.

The lucky father.

Wang has gone to the doctor every week for months and is now demanding a Cesarean section from doctors. While physically she says she is fine, she feels weird being pregnant for almost two years. It’s like Bonnie Swanson on Family Guy in real life!

The record for the longest recorded pregnancy is 375 days, a little over 12 months and has been held since 1945 by American champion pregnant lady Beulah Hunter. USA! USA!  So if Wang has her baby after 18 months of pregnancy, the new World Record title will go to the Chinese. Thanks Obama!

However, some doctors who have heard this story are not so sure and her story could be made up. Do you believe that Wang Shi has really been pregnant for these past 17 months as she claims?

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