Is This Kim Kardashian Getting Robbed Halloween Costume Funny Or Offensive?

Every year there is something in the news that people turn into a Halloween costume that some say goes “too far” and is sure to offend the snowflake generation.  Last year a bloody Cecil The Lion Killer Dentist costume was all the rage.

And while there will be more outrageous costumes from the insane year that has been 2016, this Halloween season is getting kicked off with a Kim Kardashian Getting Robbed Halloween Costume!

Oh sorry, I mean “Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit”  – reminds me of the year I went dressed as a “Martial Arts Skilled Mutated Adolescent Turtle Person.” What appears to be just a white robe, some rope, sunglasses and a wig can all be yours for the low, low price of $69.99. NICE!

Kardashian moments before five men broke into her room and pointed a gun at her head.

As you recall, earlier this month Kardashian was the victim of an intense, violent heist at her hotel room in Paris.  As Kanye West was performing on stage during a concert in New York City, his wife Kim was held up at gunpoint by masked robbers who hogtied her and tossed her in the bathtub before making off with around $10 million dollars in jewelry. Police suspect that one of the masked assailants may have been a former bodyguard.  There was one positive outcome of this story as when news of the incident broke, Kanye stopped performing mid-song.

However Kardashian “fans” are not so amused by the costume, posting angry comments on Costumeish. Good, good. Let the hate flow through you:

Some people were a fan!

Some good folks even took things a step further, threatening the makers of the costume with violence, which I guess makes sense. Get upset becomes someone made a joke Halloween costume about a violent act and respond with a violent act. OK then.

So what do you think? Does this Kim Kardashian costume go “too far?” Or is it all in good fun?

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