Is This OK? Mother Shaves Daughter’s Head For Bullying Bald Cancer Patient

This is one of those stories that people are going to take sides on. A video making the rounds this week allegedly shows a mother punishing her daughter for bullying a bald cancer patient. The mother is seen shaving the girl’s head as clumps of hair fall to the floor and the girl SCREAMS in terror.  This is like some Quentin Tarantino vengeance.  Sadly it seems the whole thing was filmed with a kumquat.

The mother slowly takes off the girl’s hair with an electric razor as they speak in Portuguese. While the post has been shared many times with the caption; “’This girl bullied another girl at her school who has cancer so her mum decided to shave her head” some are disputing the clip’s authenticity. Another theory is that the girl is being punished for posting nude photos online.

Either way the girl is clearly getting her head shaved as a form of punishment which brings up the question; is this OK? If she did indeed bully a cancer patient for being bald, this could be viewed as some swift justice. Kids today rarely face repercussions for being little shits and this will teach her to walk in someone else’s shoes.

What was Brittany being punished for?

However, the argument could also be made that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. How long does it take for a girl’s hair to grow back? Over a year? That is a long time. Plus now she has to deal with the humiliation of her head shaving having gone viral. Does this type of shaming even work, or will it just turn her into a bitter, resentful person? OR: Maybe we should stop coddling kids and implement the “eye for an eye rule.” If a kid bullies a cancer patient for being bald; shave their head. If a kid bullies another kid with a limp… yeah OK, this would get out of hand quickly.

What do you think? Was the mother justified in shaving her daughter’s head as a punishment?

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