Is This OK? This Woman Was Turned Away From Club For Being Too Fat!

A young lady named Bobbi Jo Goldsmith in England turning 20-years-old last Friday thought she had a splendid birthday party all planned out. She had reserved a table at a hip nightclub called the Libertine London. She and nine friends were going to hit the dance floor for a fun night of revelry. However once they got to the club, the bouncers informed her of a very strict “No Fat Chicks” policy.

Some guys take this policy VERY seriously.

They pulled Bobbi and her friends out of the line and made them leave even though they had the reservation. This caused a social media outrage storm. But is this kind of thing still OK? The line of “undesirables” outside of a nightclub has been a staple of our culture for decades, evoking images of Mike Myers’ character from “Studio 54” deciding who is sexy enough to enter his club.

That’s a man, baby.

However do you think Bobbi Jo should have been turned away from Libertine London? She is a size 10 and a cheerleader. Here she is pre-gaming before the embarrassing rejection on her birthday night.

The ousting from the club prompted Bobbi Jo’s mother to make a Facebook post slamming the club. She claims a “tall French woman” made the decision to have the girls removed for not fitting “the right image.” She totally disagrees with the choice as her daughter is pretty cute.

In response to the outcry the club released a statement saying they do not discriminate based on “dress size” and they were simply overbooked for the night. That might make sense, however as we recall the girls had already reserved a table and were still turned away.

The club… great, now a bunch of boxes are trying to get in.

What I find great about this whole situation is that people are upset not necessarily that the club has a “no fat chicks” policy, but that they were incorrect in this particular instance.  By most standards she is an attractive girl, but what if she had actually been really overweight? Would the social media public outrage machine still get revved up into full gear?  Did this girl even care about all the chubby or ugly people waiting in line at the club who also didn’t get inside?

Do you think it is OK for a night club to turn away people based on appearance?

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