Is This Proof Of A UFO Base On The Moon?

They say the proof is in the pudding, but the proof of aliens might be in the cheese. The moon cheese that is.  According to a new, tantalizing report from a group of truth seeking humans, there may be an alien UFO base located on the moon.

Hard to find good real-estate on the moon.

This has been a big year for advocates of “Disclosure” – the term used to described the acknowledgement by the US Government and authorities around the world or their knowledge of their contact with or presence of intelligent aliens. Scientists have been busy trying to decipher the meaning, if any of reoccurring signals from deep space,  a supposed alien mega structure obscuring light from a distant star, one of Hillary Clinton’s top advisors seeming to discuss communication with an extraterrestrial intelligence with a former Apollo astronaut, and what is up with a series of ancient coins that appear to depict an alien humanoid.

Circling random things and putting arrows on them for the win.

The new bombshell announcement was discovered by a group of alien hunters who sifted through data and pictures from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The eagle eyed observers found what appears to be an unnatural occurrence on the surface of the moon. They say the “M” shaped object is proof of intelligent aliens residing right next door on our moon.

Maybe the aliens are excited about the new Metallica album?

Scott C. Warring, a UFO theorist who has spotted these sorts of anomalies in NASA data before believes that the alien building may even double as a spacecraft if necessary. It sure is a lot of information to deduce from a fuzzy space photograph.  

Warring is an expert though and told the UFO Sightings Daily:

“Here is a great example of a structure on our moon. You can make out the details of its white surface and its sharp 90 degree corners. This looks like something that humans would make, which means the species who made it probably look a bit like us.”

Do you think these NASA photos prove that there is an alien base on the moon?

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