Is This The Rotting Corpse Of A Dead Mermaid That Washed Ashore In The UK?

A man walking along Norfolk beach in Great Yarmouth, England claims to have found the rotting, dead corpse of a mermaid– or judging from the remains, to be more specific, a merman.  Somewhere an entire merfamily is devastated that “Daddy” hasn’t returned home from the store with their seaweed supper. #Sad.

Paul Jones claims to have taken the images on the beach where he was shocked to happen upon the creature. The head and upper torso appears humanlike while it clearly has a tail and fins. If this is indeed a mythical mermaid, what happened to the poor fella? Perhaps he is a “merman astronaut” of sorts and finally made the trip to land, only to discover that he couldn’t survive out of the water.

Some folks are quick to label the whole thing a hoax, while other social media marine life “experts” believe that it could simply be a dead seal that has decomposed in an interesting way.  There is a seal colony nearby on the coast where the creature was found. A more plausible explanation might be from a story we reported on recently.  Some scientists were working on half animal, half human hybrids in order to grow human organs. Perhaps one  of the test subjects escaped.

Looks like Kevin got what the tattoo parlor calls The Number 7.

That’s where the top half is FISH and the bottom half has lady parts. Yeah, that’s a thing!  39.9 percent of you in this scientific survey said they would gladly have relations with a mermaid while sadly only 5 percent said the same for reverse mermaids.

Do you think this creature is really a merman?

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